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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the more common questions and answers. However, if you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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1. Ancestors Professional Genealogy Service, who are they?
Ancestors Professional Genealogy Service are a professional firm of qualified genealogists and family historians. With over 100 years of cumulative experience their genealogists direct a team of around 100 local expert record agents in this country and abroad.


2. Ancestors Total Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee...

We will guarantee that if the starting point for research of your family is after 1900 and based in mainland Great Britain, we will extend one ancestral line by at least three generations during the first round of research or YOUR MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL!!! We guarantee to act in a professional manner and conduct genealogical research accurately. We are the ONLY genealogical organisation that offers such a Guarantee.

For example, if you already know that your
Great-Grandfather was born in 1907...

We will GUARANTEE to find the
next three generations or




3. Do they include Brothers and Sisters in the research?
Where siblings are discovered during the course of research this information is included on the family tree. However, our main aim is to extend the family tree backwards as far as possible and we may not therefore locate every sibling along the way. Where this is of specific importance research can be tailored to that end but this may divert funds from the backwards research and may invalidate the guarantee.


4. How confidential is the information?
All research conducted by Ancestors is held in the strictest confidence. The research obtained will not be disclosed to any third party without specific prior instructions from yourself.


5.How do Ancestors do their research?
The 4 main sources for research are the Birth Marriage and Death indexes; Census returns; Parish registers and Wills. There are many other genealogical sources that would be utilized according to the individual circumstances, such as Service records; Occupational sources and land records etc.


6. How far back can you trace my ancestors?
In England and Wales most families can be traced back to the start of civil registration in 1837, many to the 1700's and some to the start of parish registers in 1538 and beyond. We would normally expect to trace the family line you choose back several generations, although progress varies depending upon the survival of records, the frequency of occurrence of the surname and mobility of the family.


7. How long will the research take?
Usually the process takes about 16 weeks to complete. If the research is due to take any longer, you will be kept informed of the progress.


8. I already know back to ???? what else can be done?

If the research is based in Great Britain, Ancestors will extend one ancestral line by at least three generations during the first round of research or the money paid will be refunded in full.

All documentation is required to avoid duplication by Ancestors. The guarantee does not apply in this instance but Ancestors will do as much research as the funds provided allow.


9. What does one line of research mean?
One line of research means that Ancestors will follow one surname, generation by generation: i.e. Father- his Father- his Father- his Father etc. or Mother- her Father- his Father- his Father etc.

Bear in mind, along the way, a lot more names are usually discovered relating to your relations brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and more beside... In fact, in order for us to fulfill our guarantee, we will find at least the three males in the line and if they were married, their respective spouses. This in turn will add a further six names to your existing knowledge. Good cases in the past involving large families have resulted in us adding upwards of fifty names to a client's existing knowledge, along with occupations, place names and family movements!....see also question 3


10.What information is required to trace my ancestry?
Your name, date and place of birth are all that we require to commence research. However, many have information about their parents and grandparents. Some clients have even been working on their family tree themselves and have come to us with a specific problem. You DO NOT have to fully complete the Family Tree Chart that we provide but, whatever information you have, it is vital to provide all that is known to you - however insignificant it may appear to be. In this way you will prevent us from duplicating information that you already know.


11. What is a stage of research?
One stage of research means that as much research as possible will be carried out within the funds provided. Ancestors will start with the earliest information provided by the client and if this starting point is after 1900 and based in Great Britain, then they will extend one ancestral line by at least three generations during the first round of research or the money paid will be refunded in full.


12. What will I receive upon making an initial enquiry?
You will receive information about our services, a Frequently Asked Questions page and a Family Tree Chart. You will need to complete this chart with what you know and then return it to us.


13. What will I receive when the round of research is complete?
You will receive a loose-bound A4 report with title page that includes a detailed narrative on the records searched and the results obtained, as well as a drop-line pedigree. Ancestors also include copies of any documents obtained on your behalf. Duplicate reports can be provided directly from Ancestors. more


14. Worldwide research?
Ancestors can conduct research in many countries throughout the world. However, as different countries have different record keeping systems, the success of research is varied. If Ancestors can't carry out the research due to the lack of available records then you will be informed and a refund of any unused funds will be made.


5. Testimonies from some of our existing clients...

" say I am pleased with progress is an understatement! The details found to date are far more than I had expected and this letter is to advise that I wish to have further research done on both family lines...."

(New Zealand)

I have been studying your report with considerable interest and I am amazed and delighted that you have discovered so much about my family history, when I could only supply scant information with which you could begin the search..."


"...Thank you very much for a most
detailed and comprehensive investigation
concerning our family history, It was a
most absorbing and facinating study..."



Our world-wide team of researchers are
the ONLY organisation with a total peace of mind

TELEPHONE: +44(0)121 246 4260

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